Gainesville Art Show

I had so much fun painting at the Art Attack Arts and Crafts Show
at High Dive in Gainesville, Florida.  
This was my first show in my new home town, and I was so grateful for 
the positive feedback and connections with new friends...

Thanks for all the love, Gainesville!  I can't wait to paint for you again! 

Barred Owl (SOLD)

Snowy Egret

Happy Autumn Equinox!



Victoria said…
Hi Carrie..gorgeous room, your art looks so stunning..always love your images and seeing all of your creations surrounding! Yay! Congrats on the art show and your new home happy for you! Wishing you all the best and more! Love the owl and egret is so spiritual! Wishing you a most magical Autumn..I have missed visiting your world!
Victoria said…
Wishing you a beautiful day Carrie, thanks for adding sparkles to mine. Look forward to what beauty and magic you will share next!

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