Veiling a Portrait with Drip Painting

There are no mistakes when it comes to acrylic painting...

This is a portrait I painted live at an Arts Alive event months ago...I just wasn't happy with the portrait and the "raven" wrapping around her face. Instead of painting over it entirely, I decided to correct the parts I didn't like by veiling her in drips of acrylic paint... 

See me work on this painting LIVE at Arts Arcata this Friday at my Artist Reception at Moonrise Herbs...

The Artist Reception of Carrie Wachter
featuring Live Painting and Music

Friday, April 11th from 5 to 9pm
Moonrise Herbs
826 G St, Arcata CA


Victoria said…
Watching your works unfold is always truly mesmerizing..magical and spiritual!! Beautiful and inspiring my friend!

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