Painting Practice: Techniques of the Great Masters of Art

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I hope you've been feeling the inspired and creative energy of spring :)

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Being a successful artist happens when you continually practice your craft.  I found some books at the library that go into detail painting techniques used in some of the greatest paintings throughout art history;  the title of the book is Techniques of the Great Masters of Art.  Having never gone to school for painting, I like to study famous works of art to learn to be a better painter. 

As you have seen from my previous post, I am working on a painting borrowing inspiration from the art deco painter Tamara de Lempicka (see painting here). It took me almost 3 hours to get the nose (ugh!).  Skin tones can be pretty challenging, and I have been trying different color mixing techniques for a year now, trying to get them perfect.

detail of my painting in progress
Another technique that I found particularly useful in this book was underpainting, where the artist paints different parts of the painting different colors...I would imagine it makes your colors have different variations which opens up a whole bunch of possibilities for me to play with :)   
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Victoria said…
Beautiful post Carrie! Love your works..her skin tones look amazing! Yes me too, I never learned to paint either..but I am also glad about it! I remember when I first started blogging art and my process I learned so much from people's comments..I recall someone saying they loved my underpainting colors and techniques etc( and I had no clue what that term meant lol),so I looked it up and realized I had been intuitively doing colors in this way! I am sure the same for you! painting is such a magical journey! Gorgeous photos, thanks for sharing.and those books look fantastic! Thanks for always inspiring! You are so talented!!

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