New Painting from my Live Art Show

Happy Autumn Equinox!

I have a new painting in the works, the result of my live art show at the SHC Block Party in the Garberville Town Square last Thursday (also the Harvest Full Moon).  I had such a great time painting for the crowd, and am hooked on live performance painting!  I love to choose subjects that are challenging like portraits and figures to push myself to be better (and get respect when I pull it off!).  

Here is what I painted as well as scenes from the show...

I went to the show with a dripped canvas

after 5 hours....
after 8 hours...
still a work-in-progress, will be working on it this week in the studio...

The painting to the right is by the great Sonny Wong of Savage Henry fame...and of course the fabulous Razzle Dazzle passing through. The entire 8 hours I painted, people kept coming up and offering feedback which adds a wonderful dynamic that you can't get from painting in the studio, and the little girls were loving the mermaid painting I displayed.  It is really fun to paint in my local community, and I was amazed how many friends told me that they never knew I painted!

My next Live Art Show is October 5 at Arts Alive Eureka at Humboldt Herbals.

Thank you everyone for coming out and supporting the Arts!
I look forward  to sharing more art and inspiration soon...

Enjoy the beauty of Autumn...have an inspired week!



Victoria said…
Yay ..So wonderful Carrie..gorgeous painting..stunning..super lovely for you to have that feedback and connection and interaction..sounds awesome! Great photos!!

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