An Impromptu Art Show

The other day I randomly entered this shop in town with a gallery space I've been eyeing.  I thought I'd check if they'd like to hang my art.  

The owner recognized me from the summer arts festival I did in June, and must have liked my art because he said whenever I brought my art in, he would take down the existing art in exchange for mine.  I started bringing in paintings that same day.  

Now I have taken over the whole side of the gallery, and let me just say it looks amazing!  

I have never had my art hanging at eye level!

Usually I am displaying above shelves of merchandise where viewers must look up to see it.  This time, I was given complete display freedom.  Joy!!

I am also excited to hang my paintings up locally.  Its funny but even in a small town some people still don't know I am an artist...or at least that I paint paintings of naked deer-headed men.

We are discussing a possible artist reception sometime in the next few weeks with a DJ y todo...and just in case that wasn't enough, there is an incredible collection of vintage pinup paintings by Alberto Vargas...they are absolutely gorgeous and must be seen.  The whole gallery is just oozing with delicious art!

Be sure to check it out now through August at
  SHC (Southern Humboldt Company) 819 Redwood Drive in Garberville
...keeping it local :)

The moral of the story:
Take a Chance, Dream Big, Follow your Intuition, and Shoot for Success.
Believe you can and you will...



MeOfCourse said…
Oh how exciting Carrie. It's absolutely stunning. You go girl and congratulations! I'm jealous.:) but happy for you.:)
Victoria said…
Yay!Massive Hugs amazing and wonderful for you..Many Congrats to surprise, for you are a magnificent artist and your art speaks from a magical space , deeply from the spirit and soul. I love all of these gorgeous photos..your art looks stunning.I wish you continued success and bliss in all that you do and create..I am happy to have met you here in blogland..shine on!!
Keep shining soul sister! I am super thrilled and excited for you and all of your adventures ahead!
Jess said…
It looks absolutely wonderful! I hope your paint performance went well. That's a very brave thing to do!:) xx

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