Experimenting with Crackle Paint and Image Transfers

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.  Art is knowing which ones to keep." 

~Scott Adams (1957 - present)

...experimenting with acrylic + crackle paint, image transfers, and pen...

How to Create Vintage Style Botanical Art on Wood

black gesso smooth wood surface, let dry
paint lighter color (antique white used here)
apply image  using photocopy and acrylic gloss gel, let dry
remove paper by rubbing gently with wet cloth
enhance image outlines with pen
apply crackle medium
coat with protective sealant

Wishing you an inspired weekend!
...art + photos by carrie wm...


Gloria in CA said…
Very nice. I like to see new techniques, these are great. Have fun!
Bird said…
That is such a beautiful project. I love this idea. I will most definitely have to try this when I'm up and running again. Thank you!
Bright blessings, Bird
Jess said…
What a lovely technique! I've never tried that, it looks lovely!xx
Introverted Art said…
I love the crackle effect. It gives the piece such strength.

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