Art + Healing = A Great Event

Thanks everyone for coming to my show at Humboldt Herbals in Eureka on Saturday and helping raise money for the Sales For Survivors Benefit for the Humboldt Community Breast Health Project!

...carrie elizabeth....


Victoria said…
What a fabulous look so beautiful and smashing my friend! Gorgeous hat too and outfit....and love the car..looks like an awesome postcard of you! Many congrats...all wonderful news..shine on Carrie!
Denise Mulligan said…
You look fantastic! Great car too!
I agree with Victoria you should use it for a postcard. Looks like it was a success.

All the best!
Victoria and Denise, thank you for the complements! You know I love vintage :) The show was successful and generated support for a great cause. Thanks for the comments!

...carrie elizabeth...

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