Welcome to My Art Show!

Happy Friday, my lovely blog readers!  Today I have for you a VIP Pass to my Art Show--no crowds, no lines, no need to travel! Welcome to my Arts Alive Reception at the charming Humboldt Herbals in Historic Old Town Eureka, California...

Humboldt Herbals is such a great store...the staff has been so positive and enthusiastic about my show...I love these ladies!!  And just being in the store watching how they handle the customers with a genuine desire to help and a well-spring of plant wisdom...such a beautiful space for my art to enjoy for 2 months!

As you enter this vibrant space, you glance to your right to see a collection of owls...

 ...my latest Great Horned Owl (see post here)...

...a cozy pair of Barn Owls (see post here)...

...and another Great Horned Owl (see post here).

Glancing to your right, you see a couple of framed print sets, and two small original acrylic paintings demonstrating the crackle medium to achieve a tile-like effect.

Turn your attention to the right up high to see the star of the show,  "Healing Water (Mama Luna)", the painting that is now published in the We'Moon 2013 Calendar.  I painted this image of a mother guiding her children to pray and honor the moon, the water, the earth.

Next, we have the giant "Birth of a Mother", a painting that I did during my first pregnancy...I was so happy to be having a child that I painted it big and bold.

A canvas giclee print of the stunning "Fly Me to the Moon/Luna Moth".  The original has sold, and this is the one and only canvas giclee print of this image.

Then there is the self-portrait that looks more like Catherine Zeta-Jones, called "Wisdom and Balance."

The newly reframed Malachite Butterfly is currently "on hold" due to suffering a terrible 1 inch slash while being transported at one of my summer shows (ugh.  it happens.).  I will be repairing it after the show.

"The Power of Women: Transcendence", "La Mensaje", and "Visions of Africa:  Tuareg Tribesman" all together in one area of the show...

I decided to call this one "The Power of Women:  Transcendence."  It portrays women building and supporting a "red tent"/pyramid which is eclipsing the moon;  surrounding the cosmic egg are the Great Goddesses with their perpetual love and power, and the rising sun surrounds the budding oak tree as new life springs forth.

"La Mensaje (The Message)" was created from a favorite sketch of mine.  I painted this using the soft-bodied acrylic paints that I am testing for Chroma, so the style is different from my usual, thick strokes...this one is much smoother.

And of course, the "Visions of Africa: Tuareg Tribesman" was painted from a photograph in Vanity Fair Magazine of a man who travelled 2 weeks via camel to attend a music festival...I love that story, and so I painted him. 

"Guardian Angels" has been in my collection for a while and is ready for a new home. I painted this when I was studying shamanism;  this was created as a shield to protect, hence the stones, hands, and lightning bolts.  The driftwood frame was handmade by Cuban artist Jesus Alfonso.

This simple painting is called "Winter Waits for the Sun" and is priced to sell as well.  I painted this reclining Goddess on wood after visiting the Pennsylvania's deciduous forests and rolling Appalachian mountains that I grew up in.  It was late in winter, and I was ready for the sun to return, too!

"I Know Why...(the caged bird sings)" sits proudly on the wall overlooking the apothecary section of the shop.  This was painted years ago when I was going through a period of my life where I put on a cool, calm exterior while struggling with some very great challenges and obstacles in my life.  I felt caged in a body that physically couldn't work for me the way I desired, and so I turned to nature to heal.

"A Harvest of Color" framed prints of my farm images.  I am so excited to say that FINALLY my games will be printed and ready to purchase, I am hoping before Christmas.  Plus, they will be printed by friends of mine locally...is that lucky and convenient?  

I hung this tucked away in a little corner of the kids section....named "The Little Astronaut", it will be the design for my Little Astronaut game set to release soon.

And then we find ourselves back round to the front of the store, our tour of my art collection has ended.

I would like to thank everyone who came out last Saturday to support the local artists, musicians, and businesses...and thanks to Humboldt Herbals for being such incredibly gracious hostesses...you all are the best!

My Art Show is going on now through the end of October at Humboldt Herbals, 300 2nd Street in Old Town Eureka...my next Artist Reception will be on October 6th from 6-9 in the evening, so I look forward to seeing some of you there!

I'll see you all back in the studio Friday with more art and inspiration...
Have a great weekend!

...carrie elizabeth...


Gloria said…
Congratulations Carrie. Everything looks beautiful! I know you will sell, sell, sell.
Fabulous, fantastic and wonderful! Looks like your art has found the perfect venue!
Victoria said…
So inspiring..so fabulous..what a spectacular post sharing your work and the beautiful spirit of who you are through your art ..stunning pieces..many my favorites..one of my most faves is "I Know Why"..as i can totally connect with the meaning and resonate with everything about it! Powerful! Congrats on ALL..you are amazing and I am happy to know you Carrie..and your magical world of art!

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