Welcome to my Studio!

Welcome to my studio!  
You're just in time to take a visual tour of of the space where I create...

My easel sits in a window-filled room overlooking vast mountain views.
The old photo is of my Grandmother, the artist.

The studio is filled with vintage and antique treasures...  

Creative paper storage...

Creative paintbrush storage...

Old frames from thrift stores and yard sales...

Vintage sewing machine drawers make a stylishly creative storage solution. 

I use old wooden drawers to store pretty much everything.

And that is where it all happens, the behind-the-scenes of Cara Mia Bella.  I love my studio!  I feel so inspired every time I step into this creative space.

Thanks for visiting!

...carrie elizabeth...

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Wishing you an inspired day!


Gloria said…
I love it Carrie. Lots of inspiration here. I hope this posts, comments don't seem to be working.
Jess said…
I really enjoyed visiting your studio! It's a beautiful place to work, inside and out. I can see why you love to come here and be inspired!
Jess xx
inspiring!!... and very beautiful!!! i love your space:)) <3
Hi Carrie :o) !!! It's so nice to read your posts again and i LOve your creative space...it is very inspiring as the previous friends said !!!!! WoW !! You have so much beautiful vintage treasures there and you have so much talent on how to decorate your home...of course the most beautiful part is your magical paintings all around !!!! Lovely my friend !!!
This summer we also moved in a bigger house and i'm veeery happy cause i have my own creative space !!! I still rearrange my staff and materials and decorate the space !!! When it'll be ready i will show it to you !!!
I also have view...but not so dreamy as yours as i live in the town but at least now i can see the mountain and the town from above and i love the fact that now i have more light..as before we were staying in the ground floor of the building but now we are in the 3rd floor !!! It is totally different !!!
Take care and have fun sweet and talented Carrie !!!!
Lots of kisseees !! :)
Victoria said…
How Stunning Carrie..your space is incredibly beautiful and inspiring! I would totally feel at home here! Gorgeous art..and love the drawers ..magnificent..shine on..fabulous and beautiful!
Love the photo of you..

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