Manifesting a Successful Arts Festival

This past weekend was the Summer Arts and Music Festival in Benbow, California.  The Cara Mia Bella Gallery and Booth-tique was there in full effect, utilizing all of the new booth and display designs I've been working on and including my latest creations and artwork. All of my hard work paid off, as the weekend was super successful, exponentially so as compared to last year's rainy event.

I had been working rigorously these past few months to replenish my collection of original paintings after having sold so many from last year's collection.  Up to the night before the event, I had been painting, printing, packaging, and pricing, getting everything just perfect for the big 2 day festival.

It was so satisfying to see my booth full with all of my hard efforts, and even more satisfying to have so many happy customers and friends visit me at the Arts Festival!  Whereas last year no one knew who I was, this year I felt recognition, appreciation, and admiration from the myriad festival attendees (I even lost my voice Sunday after 2 days with 13 hours of talking and socializing).

 I am so glad I decided to do this event again after the flop I had last year.  Maybe it was the gorgeous sunny weather, or maybe it was my fabulous booth design, or perhaps it was simply my artwork...whatever brought the success to Cara Mia Bella at this year's festival, I am grateful for the experience and feel proud of my accomplishments...

I do love the feeling of satisfaction after putting together a big event and coming out of it successfully...and I especially love the much-needed break I allow myself after working so hard!

My next big event will be in Eureka, CA in the beginning of August.  I participated in this Maker's Fair last year and had shining success...maybe this year will be even more wonderful!  In the meantime, I will be regularly participating in the Southern Humboldt Farmer's Market on Fridays starting mid-June after school is finished, so I hope to see you all there.

Thank you everyone for coming out to support the Arts, and big hugs to everyone for all the love and joy you brought to the Cara Mia Bella are the wind beneath my creative wings!

Wishing you shining success in all your endeavors!  I will see you all next Friday for some scenes from the Studio...Happy Weekend!


Victoria said…
Yay..Very happy for you Carrie...and am thrilled for your successes..your art is truly special and deeply soulful and meaningful and a gift to those who meet you! Fabulous display...totally gogroeus and off the hook girl..shine on!

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