Studio Scenes: Photo Shoot with Vintage Art Books

My Grandma Rita was an artist...visiting her home was like being at a fabulous art retreat, complete with wall murals in every room (even the basement!)  and her little yellow desk full to the brim with art materials of all shapes and colors--and she would always let me play.

My favorite vintage treasures that she gave to me is this wonderful collection of instructional art books.  From the pages of these books I taught myself how to draw trees...


...faces and figures...

...this collection of books first taught me how to be an artist.

Then the other day, I saw the books in a new light...I realized they had a new calling.

In yet another attempt to fix up my Etsy shop photos, I realized that they would make the perfect backdrop for my product photos.

I found this spread in one of the books and used it for my latest (6th, actually, but who's counting) product photo shoot for my online Etsy shop.

 I love the way the black and white drawing looks with the lovely handwritten text.  I layered a few pages to create a larger surface for my cards.

This single word creates a mood that goes with the tradition of writing letters, a seemingly lost art nowadays.

And here are my final product photos.

It was another rainy day, so the lighting in the studio was perfect.  I spent the entire day photographing, editing, uploading, perfecting....

Every time I learn something new about how to make my photos better, I make changes.  I am ALWAYS making changes.  Success is not a distant destination, but a process where we continually adapt to whatever comes along so as to better our craft.  Successful people continually strive to bring their ideas to manifest, continually working towards bringing their best to light.

I have a few more products to photograph, plus some new items in the works.
I wish you an inspired weekend and I'll see you here next week for more art and inspiration from Cara Mia Bella!

Check out this video to learn how to take great product pictures:

Product Photography for Beginners

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Cara Mia Bella


You're onto something girlfriend! These are great backgrounds- fabulous! I was going to say that I wish I could have known your Grandma but now I think I'll change that to- I want to be that kind of Grandma!! (far, far, far into the future, though...)
Wow !!! These vintage books are AMAZING !!! It is wonderful to grow in an artistic family and have a Grandma like yours !!! I wish i had a book that shows how to draw trees !! It is one of the things i really want to learn !!! Your idea of using these beautiful books as backgrounds for your art is great !!!!
I also red your previous posts!!! You are such a wonderful creature Carrie !!! I so enjoyed all your posts and i'm very glad for you!!! I wish you lots of success and beautiful moments in everything you do and learn and i wish your new home will be always full of joy, love and creativity !!! Sorry if my english are bad sometimes.. ;o)
Lots of kisseees !! :o))

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