Studio Scenes: Earth-Friendly Invitations

When I first started my business, I had such high hopes for my success that I overstocked my inventory of cards...that's why you tend to see the same cards in my boutique.  I thought I would be selling selling selling, but one year later and I still have so many of these cards left.

I was hesitant to create more products because I really wanted to sell more of these cards (I have limited storage space in my studio).  I have made tags, gift cards, and bookmarks from my cards to clear some of my inventory.  So, I recently played with some new ideas and have found a new use for the cards...

I just learned how to create custom invitations!  Now that my printer is up and running again, I have the ability to create wedding and birthday party invitations for my customers, a trend at Etsy that is growing in desirability.

I bought this fabulous new tool that easily rounds the edges.

I went crazy and rounded the edges on my business cards, postcards, and now these lovely flat invitations which are printed on 130 lb Matte Cardstock (FSC Certified Recycled and Green Certified Printing).

I am going to offer 5 different styles featuring my art and a variety of font styles.  This is so fun for me because I love design!

Now, I have to figure out how to charge for this service, and then photograph and list each invitation set. Anyone who has experience with this and has some advice for me, please share!  I am venturing into new creative territory on this one.

 Keeping with my line of Eco-Friendly and Recycled Cards, I will be listing these customized invitations at my Etsy Boutique soon.

Meanwhile, Happy Earth Day from the Cara Mia Bella Studio!


priti.lisa said…
Such a great idea! I wish I could help you...My friend Tammy does wedding things, maybe you could check out her shop.
Your work is so beautiful and honest and soulful, that I am sure will be in demand♥♥♥
Cameron said…
I've always loved that quote....funny and true at the same time!

Good idea to do custom invitations.
Another thing I do with my cards is glue them to plain brown gift bags.

I wish I could help more, but I haven't done invites myself. I hope it goes well, though!

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