Desperately Seeking Etsy Success

Hello, everyone!  I've missed my little blog, but I've had to focus on getting more business to my Etsy Boutique, first by hosting a giveaway, having a sale, then by retaking my product photos, making new products, and finally by attending the Etsy Success Symposium on Friday, where I learned everything I could about how to get my shop found in that great big internet sea.  

I have also been focusing on getting more people to my shop via the social network world.  I am quite an introvert, but I did create a little Cara Mia Bella world at facebook and twitter, so all you social butterflies send a little love my way!

The truth is, selling on Etsy successfully is hard work, especially if you sell something that isn't mainstream or functional in a practical sense (art).  Being a self taught entrepreneur, I learn and apply as I go, following the path of trial and error, always striving to better my art, my business, and myself.

On Friday I attended the Live Streaming of the Etsy Success Symposium to get some much-needed advice on how to get my shop found.  Of most value to me was mastering SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  I came to the epiphany about what tag words would likely be typed by a customer searching for my work.  I looked at who is primarily drawn to my style of art, and what sort of occasion would my work be suitable for.  I took seriously like 16 hours to change all of my tags, but my hard work paid off as stats reflect an increase in traffic, and then finally after weeks and weeks of nothing, a sale!  We will keep following this to see what other changes will need to be made to bring growth and success to my shop.  

Another pertinent topic was about telling your story and your product's story to connect on a deeper level with your customer...I practiced with this product description for my painting "Fennel Moon":

"This scene is so sweet and serene...reminiscent of a late afternoon walk through fields of fragrant fennel and flowering fancy, watching as the sun sinks its last splendid golden rays of warmth upon the buzzing bees and bugs making their final rounds before the moon casts its calm illumination."

What do you think?  Is it too over the top?  Does it capture the essence of my painting "Fennel Moon"?

One more thing:
(I got this from my very good friend Erika Matos over at Reality Manifest)

How will you write the story of your life? 


Crystal said…
As you stated, selling on Etsy is hard work. I am one of those who can't seem to find the time to do the usual stuff let alone, the extras. They do pay off though and maybe one day I will follow your lead. Hoping you have more and more success to follow. :-)
realitymanifest said…
Oh, this is awesome! Being found on the internet is huge, especially for small businesses. Keep it up, Carrie - It'll all pay off sooner than you know...
Thanks for the love :D xo

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