Studio Scenes: Let the Games Begin!

Welcome to the Studio!

This week I was inspired to work on the Games Collection.  Currently, I have 4 games in the works, but I have decided to make a prototype game to test printing ideas, materials, and packaging. 

I worked on a painting of a tomato...

...a carrot...

...a pumpkin...

...and a potato.

A very busy week in the Cara Mia Bella Studio!   I am striving to have the games for sale around the Spring Equinox, so I am focusing right now on completing (finally!) the paintings for the games.  Only a few more left!

 In the mean time, Happy Imbolc from the Studio!
Wishing you seeds of inspiration that blossom into masterpieces!

©2012 Carrie W Martinez and Cara Mia Bella


Crystal said…
Very cool! Amazing work for your wonderful games! :-)
Cameron said…
I remember these games being on your list last exciting to see your ideas blossom and chug ever closer to completion!
Victoria said… fabulous..gorgeous works..very uplifting and beautiful!Shine on!
Thanks! Its true, I've been working on the games for almost a year! Such is life with kids......:) I just finished the final painting yesterday woohoo! Hopefully printing won't take another year to complete hehe!

Happy creating!


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