Manifesting Success in 2012

I have had a lifelong fascination with manifesting reality and the power and potential of the human mind and body to overcome challenges and perform miracles.  I believe that we have the power and ability to create our reality  based on a clear and defined desire for an outcome of our making.  We manifest our own reality by positively affirming what we wish for in our lives, never doubting that it is ours, being grateful for accomplishing and attaining what we want even before it actually comes to us.

 With that in mind, here are my goals to manifest in the coming year.....

Manifesting Success in 2012

Be More Creative
  • I create more original works of art.  
  • I paint one painting a week, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.  
  • I draw everyday, no matter what or where as long as I draw something.
  • I publish my Games Collection.
  • I diversify my collection to include Home Decor, Fashion, Books, Calendars, and Vintage. 
  • I create collaborative art pieces with my children.
  • I paint huge paintings in my friend's warehouse.
  • I turn my best photography into prints and notecards. 
  • I finish the projects I have started..

Organize and Expand Business
  • I expand and diversify my inventory (see above), offering a full range of choices for a more diverse customer base.
  • I redo my product photos to look more professional, giving my Etsy Shop a makeover to increase online traffic and sales. 
  • I increase sales to my Etsy Shop by focusing on marketing, networking, and following the many business tips that Etsy offers to achieve success.
  • I manage and organize my business schedule to become more productive and save time.  Because I run my business from home where I raise my family, I must use my time wisely.  
  • I eliminate all time-wasters and unnecessary activities.
  • I organize my studio and office space to be simple, organized, and efficient, making it easy to locate materials and providing a clean and inviting workspace. 
  • I take my Booth-tique to major city art festivals across California, Pennsylvania, and New York.
  • I manage my business records better.

Balance Mind, Body, and Spirit  
  • I meditate daily and connect spiritually.
  • I spend time in nature daily.
  • I exercise 4 times a week, either running, walking, yoga, or dancing.
  • I am more physically active in my life, like dancing while I do the dishes, parking further away so I have to walk, and taking the stairs.
  • I play more with my children, running around, playing tag, playing sports, and riding bikes.
  • I eat more wholesome, nourishing organic foods, supporting locally grown fruits and veggies from nearby farms.
  • I grow my own organic veggies and fruits.
  • I live more sustainably.
  • I reduce, reuse and recycle more.
  • I respect the Earth more.
  • I teach my children to respect the Earth.
  • Every day I make the world around me a better place to be.
  • I keep my thoughts, words and actions peaceful.

To read my 2011 Resolutions, visit original post here.

Tips for Writing Resolutions that Manifest...

Be as specific as possible when setting your goal. 

State your goal in the present tense as a positive affirmation.

Visualize yourself doing what you want to accomplish. Feel as if it has already manifested.
Make a vision board with a simple posterboard and cut out pictures from magazines or print images from the internet depicting your accomplished goal. Display your vision board in a place where you will see it often.
Each day take one action step towards your goal.

Be grateful for all that you have manifested.
Remember, your potential is unlimited!

Thank you so very much to all of my friends and supporters who visit my blog, website, and shop, and a special thanks to all who who support the arts and take the time to leave me comments and feedback. My goal in writing this blog is to inspire others to be creative and follow their dreams. It brings such joy to read your words and how my posts inspire you to create and enjoy art and nature.
For each of you, THANK YOU!  

Wishing you the power and wisdom to manifest your reality,
and may 2012 be a great year for all!


All photos ©2012 CW Martinez


Plant the seeds of your ideas and watch them grow!


Hi Carrie!!! Happy New year and i wish all the seeds you planned for this year will grow and grow till they will become the most beautiful flowers for you to look and smell each and every day of your life!!!!!
Wish you health and lots of joy for you and yours!!!!!
Before i go i want to say that i love your photos and this huge Sunflower it's magical!!! Wow!! Lots of seeds!!!!! Kisses to youuu!!! :o))
WrightStuff said…
A wonderful list that is sure to lead you through a successful 2012.

I loved the photos going through. Isn't nature just the best inspiration?
Victoria said…
Yay! Super beautiful post Carrie..wonderful photos and symbolism and writings..thanks for sharing your wisdom and magic always!Fantastic and inspiring.
Congrats on everything and wishing you great joy and success in all your new adventures ahead!Yay..shine on kindred!
I look forward to more of what you share this new year!
Wishing you bright blessings and shining magic all of 2012!
HUgs and thankyou for yoru wonderful friendship!
Her Speak said…
I can relate to "finishing what you start". I fear that's the trouble with being Creative sometimes. Teehee! So much to do, so much to make, so many places to be!

Wishing you much Love and Light in the New Year. Merry Manifesting. <3
cathouseprints said…
Hi Carrie! Happy New Year! I love your post and find it very inspiring. I also have a fascination with manifesting, yet, somehow forgot about that. I plan to bring that back into my life and will make a vision board!

The new blog format is lovely. I look forward to following your achievements this year!

Amber said…
These are some really great goals for 2012. I, too, want to do more artwork this year. Hope it works out for you :) Happy new year!

Love & Cake,

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