Winter Waits for the Sun

When I decided to "work" as an artist, I never knew that the last thing I would usually get to do is paint!  How ironic but sadly true, the business side of being self-employed involves a lot of time and energy, especially if you want to be successful enough to support your family.   I have been focusing so much on business and sales these last few months that I have rarely been creating any art.  I knew it was time to reclaim myself as an, I bought my first real easel!

The day it arrived, I had to seize a moment to paint. Miraculously, the children were playing quietly and peacefully...a rare opportunity I couldn't resist.  With the pressure to create upon me, I knew it had to be quick and simple. Thus, I painted "Winter"...

This painting could also be called "Winter Solstice" or "Winter Waits for the Sun."  The Winter Solstice is the shortest day and longest night of the year, so I wanted to capture the essence of darkness.  I began with a piece of salvaged wood and painted a black gesso background.  Then, I drew the image with white and copper paint pens.

She carries the energy of Winter, Night, Moon, and Earth.  She lays across the land looking to the horizon for the Sun to re-energize and re-birth.  The dynamics of the circles within her body show that even in Winter, the Earth is living, growing, and evolving...preparing for the coming warmth and growth cycles.  

The design of the trees was inspired by the post-Autumn naked deciduous forests of the Appalachian Mountains of the Eastern U.S. where I just visited my family (visit here).

Inspiration for the pose comes from this classic Post-Impressionist painting, "The Bathers" by Pierre Auguste Renoir (1918-1919).

Inspiration also comes from my morning running sessions in the mountains, with the most magnificent sunrises warming the foggy redwood-forested valley below.  Remember how I started running in August to switch from Night Owl to Early Bird in order to get my oldest child to kindergarten on time?  Well, I'm still doing it (read post here)! It is very inspiring to awaken and energize before everyone else is awake and needs me. I never get sick in a house full of sniffles, and I don't use caffeine to get me through my work-filled days.  Exercise is the best health insurance there is!

My goal this winter is to put more energy into painting and creating art, making it the first thing I do when I step into the studio. Business will come after the creating.

Otherwise what's the point of working as an ARTIST??


Wishing you many opportunities throughout your day to follow your passions and your dreams!
As Horace said, "Seize the day (Carpe Diem!)!" (65-8 BCE)


Cameron said…
That painting is gorgeous, Carrie! Y'know, at first I didn't even see the image of the woman....until I read further in your post...haha! I was just so captivated by the contrast and the stark trees!

Good for you getting up every morning to run...I bet you feel amazing (and look it, too)!
Keep creating in those stolen moments.....that easel surely beckons, doesn't it?! It is a piece of art in itself :)
WrightStuff said…
I thoroughly enjoyed this post - the painting and the words and meaning behind it. Just lovely :)
Victoria said…
Wow Carrie..a Magnificent piece..this is such a stunning and sacred tribute to winter solstice...absolutely beautiful, symbolic and meaningful!!WOw!!

I am so excited for W.S...and your image will dance in my mind! Thankyou for always sharing your beautiul realm and unique spirit..and...I LOVE your new easel
WOAH..amazing..enjoy enjoy! It looks fabulous and gorgeous!
Beautiful photos and art..hugs my kindred friend! Enjoy your new advntures ahead...thankyou for being you and adding your magic and light to bloggy world..I am so happy to know you!
Beautiful art..
Gloria said…
What a wonderful post you have shared with all of us. Your paintings are just awesome. Happy that you got your new easel, I love it!! You are truly an artiste! Happy Holidays!
La Abela said…
Magnificent work! I like it.Working in art is a pleasure for me,Businesses do not you give me some good.jajaja. Hug
Denni said…
What a beautiful painting. You are so right about business coming after the art. So many times I get wrapped up in the business and I just need to paint!
Humberto Dib said…
I liked this blog, Carrie!
Cheers from Argentina.

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