Prayer for Peace

World Peace Prayer

May all who work for a world
of peace and reason be granted
the gifts of Strength and Courage.

May the good that dwells within
every human heart be magnified.

May the blessings of truth and 
understanding always be ours.

And as we grow and build for tomorrow,
may we join hearts and celebrate
the miracle of each other.

-Author Unknown 


Bird said…
what a beautiful prayer. I'm writing this one down to keep in my prayer journal.

Brightest blessings,
Thanks Bird! I love this one too...wish I could find the author to thank them for such an empowering prayer!
Yael Assia said…
Beautiful, thanks.
Victoria said…
Powerful and beautiful... and magnificent imagery..gorgeous Carrie! HUgs..this was very inspiring!
Denni said…
What a lovely prayer! Your book marks and tags are gorgeous!

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