The Cara Mia Bella Boutique Now Featuring Vintage

I am so excited to finally sell vintage at my online Etsy Boutique! 

Meet my lovely treasure, a Rare and Unique circa 1960s Magic Mushroom Gold Wicker Midas of Miami handcrafted handbag...

...Reminiscent of the enchanted Redwood Forest from where I will be shipping this treasure! 
 I actually found it in Miami, close to its maker Midas of Miami, a famous Florida purse company).

I was at first hesitant to list it because it is so fabulous and I haven't been able to find any similar to it.  I have always had a passion for vintage fashion, and this case perfectly fit my bohemian free spirit!

I meticulously described every detail in my product listing, every beautiful detail and every sign of wear and use... I truly want a vintage-loving free spirit to happily own this original beauty and treasure it!

 Check out Etsy to see all the pretty details...

 What do you treasure? 

I love hearing from you!  
Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment...
you are much appreciated <3



Cameron said…
What an adorable handbag! I just love mushrooms and toadstools.....I'm just not a purse kinda girl, though...

I know most I would think this will be is too cute not to be :)

Congrats on the new venture!
WoW!!!! This is a wonderful vintage piece!!!!! I love toadstools and mushrooms and i really like vintage stuff!!!! I'm sure this bag will have big success!!! I made a post for a huge fair in Utrecht that i went!!!! It was the paradise for a vintage lover!!!!
Take care my friend!!!! Have a great month!!!
Victoria said…
Yay Carrie...awesome!!! Firstly COngratulations on this new venture...HOORAY! I love the vintage world too and a kindred free spirit like this is fabulous! The purse is mega-stunning and enchanting...what a magical treasure!! You can't help but be smitten with it...beautiful photos!!
Thanks for sharing this gem..and I so look forward to checking out your stuff..yay!! very exciting..shine on! hugs!!

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