Make Your Own Vintage-Inspired Earring Display

This project is so quick and easy, I had to share!
Here are the simple steps to make your own vintage-inspired earring display....

First, find a frame.  I found this cheap faux-vintage frame at a thrift store.

Find a piece of large-mesh screen that fits into the back of the frame.  I suppose a hardware store would supply this.  I salvaged this piece from an old chicken coop.

Cut the wire screen to fit exactly into the back of the frame.

Spray paint the wire and the frame if needed.  I used a gold spray on the wire screen to complement the patina of the frame, which I left original.

After the paint dries, insert the screen into the frame and secure.  Some frames have little wire tabs that make it super easy.  Otherwise you can use staples or small nails.

Voila!  Here is the finished earring display...

and here it is hanging.  You can get creative by attaching a beautiful fabric background.

This design is very versatile and really showcases your jewelry.

Your earrings will look like art--a stylish and easy way to stay organized!

 This design is by no means my invention, and has been recreated by many many others...each and every one as unique as its creator. 

How will you create yours?



Super gorgous my friend..I love your creation..fantastic! Love old frames too..they are just amazing to create with and beautiful to look at! Love your photos..turned out awesome..looks smashing my friend..gorgeous soft color palette of godlen glow..excellent post!Yay!!Shine on!
Yvonne said…
I really need somethign like this for my earrings. Thanks for the tutorial.
WoW!!! I Love this idea for earrings!!!!! I have to find a beautiful old frame immediately!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this and giving me inspiration!!!!
Hugs! ;o))

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