Cara Mia Bella's Autumn Gallery Show Coming October 7th!


I will be having my Gallery Opening Event this Friday, October 7, from 4 - 11 pm at Persimmons Garden Gallery in Redway, CA, a small village nestled in the enchanted Redwood Forest.  I so love Persimmons that me and my sweetie have been going there on regular Friday dinner dates.  There will be art, music, food, and wine...all in a kid friendly space where they can get the wiggles out surrounded by trees and gardens. 
See you there!


P.S.  If you are interested in purchasing my art but you are not a member of Etsy and don't live in California, please contact me before they sell to someone else!   We can figure out a way to ship anything to just about anywhere.  The reason I paint is for the love of it and for others who love it too...My email is:

Thank you for supporting the arts!


Yay! and Congratulations! I would love to pop over to a lovely enchanted village in the Redwood forest. I would! But I will, instead, have to wish you the very best!
Tammie said…
your art looks wonderful! I wish you a fantastically successful and fun event, it sounds like a grand evening!
Yay Carrie...Congrats..what a fantastic event that shall be..wishing you mamy blessings...I know those who see your work and take it home will be blessed too! Shine are super inspiring!

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