Practical Magic

Tonight, I'm having fun visiting the Practical Magic Blog Party.  I am not participating with a post, but I am savoring all of the inspiring scenes and stories.   Some bloggers are really getting creative with their site design, interior design, and photo styling!

Click the image below...

As we head into the Season of the Witch, 
what better way to get you in the mood 
then a little Practical Magic.........

Have a magical weekend!

An enchanted vintage wood suitcase from France that I feature in my boutique photos,  and a magical journal from Italy.
A beautiful Victorian in Ferndale, CA that sells my Card Collection.


Carrie...oh wow..your magical journal( so sacred and special!!) and gorgeous suitcase...pure beauty and enchantment!! My imagination is the beginning of a movie or novel about to take me on an adventure! Thankyou friend! And that beautiful building!
Bird said…
Hi Carrie,
thank you so much for visiting my blog for the PM party blog hop. Youre blog and art are just gorgeous and I love your journal.

Thank you for swinging by.

Bright autumn blessings,
Hi Carrie- Just popping in to see what you are up to. I have been busy and miss my blogger friends. Your blog is lovely and fun as usual!
Sundara said…
Hey carrie,
good to see you tonight ... what an exciting adventure starting a business can be. I haven't been able to check out your blog in a while, its lovely and fun. Hope your morning runs aren't too cold lately! Keep up the great work!
Cameron said…
We went to Ferndale this past Summer. I didn't know your cards were there?!

Such a quaint little town...

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