The Path to Independence

We are so happy that my oldest son has finally started Kindergarten!  When we dropped him off the first day, we were lingering around him with the camera and hugs and advice, and he says to me, "Mom, aren't you gonna get out of here already?"

In honor of all little people setting off on the path to independence,  I've decided to have a sale at my Etsy Boutique...$5 off my entire large print collection!  Click the images below to visit my boutique.

Happy Back to School to all students and parents!

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Cameron said…
Mine started Kindergarten this year, too....
They are growing so fast!!

Maggie started really early...on August 10th....and she's already telling me she doesn't need me to walk her up to the gate....sheesh!

Aw, well....glad they are so excited to be there :D
art2cee2 said…
Good luck to your son on his first day, I know he will love it! :-)
Leovi said…
Congratulations on this excellent start Kindergarten. Wonderful compositions.
awww! what a cutie! My little guy started Kindergarten too this year, bittersweet. I lost my sidekick for lunches and play but gained that elusive painting and me time

your pieces are amazing.
Theresa said…
Such a cute & excited look! My youngest is in 4th grade now, it goes so fast! Love your artwork! Thanks for your visit too!
xo Theresa
Wonderful artwork ~ love your style! ~ thanks for coming by my blog ~ namaste, Carol ^_^
Amber said…
Awww, that's SO sweet! I can't believe he said that, hehehe. Cute!

My son is only 15 months, but I'm going to bawl like a baby on his first day! Still thinking about homeschooling him, though.

Gorgeous work, as always
Oh My..what a super sweetie...adorable..yay! and such a beautiful post! yay Shine on friend..fantastic!!

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