A Collection of Antique Drawers

I started collecting antique drawers when I salvaged an entire set of desk drawers from a dark and dusty corner of someone's shed.  

They come from the desk of a whiskey distillery in Philadelphia.  

 Now they have become the main display for my company's products.  

Then I added this set of elegantly simple antique sewing machine drawers from a great Etsy Shop called Austin Modern.

I use them as product displays.  They beautifully complement my art as well as the other set of drawers.

When I'm not displaying my items in the drawer collection, I use them for storage in my studio...a very stylish organization system!  

I love to salvage and recycle old forgotten items and give them a new life.  The drawer displays have gotten me noticed at every festival, and many an admirer has complemented my collection.  I like to know that my collection is "working" for me!

What do you collect?  



Wow..gorgeous Carrie...i love it all..but especially love those little drawers...yes they go amazing with your art..perfect for display and storage..fantastic! I too have a love for vintage and antique..and feel it is a wonderful way to recycle the past! I love old chairs..anything really..you just know when you see it!
Beautiful post..your photos are stunning and elegant...and thankyou for the link...yay!
La Abela said…
Never would have thought that the drawers of the sewing machine to serve something, you have given them an incredible life ... I collect all site Angeles where I get one. Saludos
Cameron said…
Your art is complemented by those wonderfully worn drawers....brings out the earthy colors so well....

I don't really have a collection of anything....hmmmm....
Unless Halloween Decor counts...I have double the amount of boxes that I have for Christmas!
Oddball Art Co. said…
Very cool and stylish collection! I love old antique stuff, especially wooden stuff! It does compliment your art beautifully, very well done!!!!

I collect buttons lol
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