Art Auction to Benefit Schools

I find it incomprehensible that our government spends billions of dollars on war, yet our teachers and schools need to hold fundraisers to afford to teach our children. When will the government realize that the children ARE our future, and investing in THEM will create a peaceful and more unified tomorrow?

This is the time when individuals can make a difference and do whatever it takes to build a supportive and nurturing world for all. For example, my family decided this summer to take a stay-cation, a vacation at home or local, to cut down on our driving and oil consumption.  Our home is solar powered, and we grow our own organic food.  We are consciously spending our dollars to support local businesses and to avoid large greedy corporations.  We realize that our power lies not in which pawn we vote for president, but in where we spend or don't spend our money...that is where our voice speaks loudest. 

As a small business owner, I choose to use my skill and company for the greater good.  I choose to not spend my taxes on war, and instead use that money to build a better world for all.  I do whatever I can as an individual to manifest a peaceful world.

This Wednesday, September 14 at 5:00pm, Cara Mia Bella will be participating in an auction to help raise money for the local elementary school. The money will help the school hire another teacher for the overcrowded Kindergarten class.  Join me at Redway Elementary School in Redway, CA where we will have a silent auction featuring original art, signed prints, framed prints, and lots of notecard sets...100% of the money raised will go to the school.  I would love to see you there as we support the schools and the Arts! 

Cara Mia Bella strives to create a peaceful world, one painting at a time


Carrie..shine on..what an inspiring and beautiful post..I love all that you wrote and expressed! You are a beautiful soul and empowered spirit! Keep shining!

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