Summer Arts, Music, and Rain Festival

All of the late nights and hard work came to an end last weekend when the much anticipated Summer Arts and Music Festival took place along a winding river in the redwoods.  And for the first time in over 20 years of the festival's history, it rained all weekend!

Still, Cara Mia Bella was there with a mini-gallery and card shop.  My sister was there with her skills in promotion and business, and together we did our best to spread sunshine on a rainy day.  These photos were taken when the sun briefly shone its face.

There were 3 stages of eclectic music and over 150 arts and crafts vendors. We had the good fortune of being right next to one of the stages, so we enjoyed live music the entire time.

 I played the role of saleswoman with grace and ease (which is saying a lot for this usually introverted hermit artist!).  I knew that the only way to make up for the rain was to do my best, and so I put everything into shining and selling.  And even though the selling didn't match what I expected, the networking surpassed anything I thought I could accomplish.  I connected with some really great people who may open new and prosperous doors for Cara Mia Bella!

After the festival, I needed a week to unpack, organize, clean up, and give my family some much needed attention.  Now, I am ready to jump back in to blogging, Paint Party Friday this week, and adding lots of new products to my Etsy shop, as well as visiting all of my great blog friends that I've missed over the last few weeks. I have this experience under my belt, and I feel confident in my moving forward with business and art.  The secret to getting it all done is organizing and scheduling...and staying positive through it all.  After all, the rainbow comes after the rain...


EVA said…
Looking forward to seeing you at PPF! What a great experience the Festival was! Congratulations on taking the initiative!
Kim said…
You set up looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing all of the new goodies in your shop.

I'm the same way...I'm more introvert than anything, especially in person. I find it difficult to promote myself! But others, I can promote with no problem...go figure! :)
Tammie Lee said…
your shop/stall looks wonderful and overflowing with beauty. I hope your new contacts return again and again.
eimear brennan said…
Hi there, just found your blog recently, really beautiful work. Looks like you put so much effort into setting up your stall and making it beautiful to draw people in. frustrating when it rains!
Cameron said…
The connections were my fave part about doing shows, too :)

Your booth looked gorgeous...and I'm so proud of you for getting yourself out there...sharing your vision and talent with everyone!
Marizel said…
Amazing ! The rain is a welcomming and don't worry you did a wonderful job and allot of seedlings will sprout from this. As a fellow vendor and small business owner I know how much love and dedication goes into it all and you are doing an amazing job. Maybe you should setup at Moonfaire one of these years. Anyways love I am s proud of you and your booth looks amazing keep up the beautiful work.
The Witchs Garden
Eva...I've so missed the Paint Party!! Can't wait to catch up with everyone :)

Thanks all for the fabulous words of encouragement! I could never let a little ol' thing like rain get in the way of my dreams! I had a great time...and Cameron, I can see why the social aspect was your favorite part. I find networking challenging because I try to keep it sincere, but that weekend I had the best people come into my booth, so it was easy to keep it real :) are the master craft fair lady! I aspire to your festival success and feel blessed to know someone following her dreams. Thanks for all of your support :)

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