Finding Inspiration: A Mountain Garden

Welcome to my Organic Mountain Garden! 

My Mountain Garden...olive trees and a tranquil space for  Faery watching.
Kale and Swiss Chard
Sugar Snap Peas
Romaine Lettuce
Red Raspberry with Solar Panels in the background
Sunny Gold Tomatoes

Italian Greens
Moroccan Mint
Solar Panels providing all of Cara Mia Bella's natural!


Yay Carrie..I love love your magical space and your beautiful garden..your solar paneks are wickedly divine..lovely! Yum..there is nothing like growing your own natural treasures...all of them my faves too...simply stunning and beautifu( and so peaceful!)l! Enjoy your mnay harvests this summer! Hugs..beautiful post!
PS; i hope you recieved an email i sent you thanking you for your generous art!Thankyou!
Have a a smashing week and may it be filled with mnay sparkles..and may your garden be filled with mnay faires too!
Hi my friend! :o)
Your organic mountain garden is wonderful!!! I don't know much about gardening but i really want to learn how to plant and grow my own food and plants!!!
You have a magical garden!! Thyme and basil smells sooo nice!! and you have olive trees there!!! Awesome!!!! I'm sure that the fairies will visit your garden very often!! (o; xox
Have a magical week! :o))))))
Kim said…
What a lovely meditative and magical space. So much green! Was that mist over the mountains that I saw? I would literally live outside if I had a space like that. Can I come live with you? LOL! :)

Solar power is the way to go!
Thanks! I feel blessed to work with nature in such a beautiful setting...Kim, you're too funny!! I hope to see many fairies and enjoy a bountiful harvest. ...wishing you beauty in your lives...

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