7 Special Announcements

I am BUSY!!  Cara Mia Bella is open for business, and I am working very hard to balance family, business, and life and still "Keep Calm and Carry On" (a very wise quote from the Etsy Entrepreneurs Team).  Therefore, I will get right to the announcements...

Special Announcement #1:  Cara Mia Bella is open for business!  I now have the satisfaction of having a few sales under my belt, as well as a few headaches as I try to fix all of the myriad problems that are associated with owning your own business. 
Special Announcement #2:  Cara Mia Bella's first Art Reception is this Friday, May 13th, at the Arcata Arts Alive. They asked me to be the featured artist at this monthly arts event.  However, they just told me yesterday, so I only have a couple of days to get my collection ready!  

Special Announcement #3:  Cara Mia Bella has been accepted to vend at a local Summer Arts Festival at Benbow, CA on June 4th and 5th.  This is a 2-day event, and I will have my entire collection of original art, cards, and framed prints for sale at my booth.  I have some new products in the works.

Special Announcement #4:  For those who are waiting for more products at my online shop at Etsy, please be aware that I am purposely withholding most of my collection so that I can display it at my booth at the Benbow Summer Arts Festival.  If you are interested in any of my originals or canvas giclees but will be unable to attend the festival, please let me know which pieces you are interested in purchasing and I will reserve them for you.

Special Announcement #5:  The Cara Mia Bella Grand Opening Giveaway ends this Friday, May 13th, at 12:00 midnight PST.  I will announce the winner Saturday after my sons pull the 3 names from a hat.  If you haven't entered already, please visit here and leave a comment with your name and contact info, as well as how you discovered Cara Mia Bella.  Good Luck!!

Special Announcement #6:  New products are in the works, including a set of cards from the Botanical Images and the Farm Images.  They will be available soon, so be sure to check out my Etsy Shop.

Special Announcement #7:  Cara Mia Bella's art and cards will be available nationwide within the next couple of weeks.  I am working on the orders right now and will post the locations soon.

And now...deep breath...keep calm...and carry on........


art2cee2 said…
congratulations on all your accomplishments! :-)
Yay Carrie...Congratulations on ALL of this sparkling news and all of your wonderful accomplishments...shine on..enjoy the journey ..enjoy the ride..fly far and wide!!
Cameron said…
Oops, that's supposed to say "seven" Special announcements!
Cameron said…
& Special announcements! Yay! Lucky number, right?!

Congrats on all the excitement and success :)
Kim said…
Wow, girl! You are super busy! That's great! I wish you much success with your upcoming ventures. I'll be checking your shop for new goodies!

Blessings to you :)
Congrats on all Carrie..you are fabulous! I dont know if my comments made it through beofre or not..but just wanted you to know I wish you many sparkles!
La Abela said…
Dear Carrie, something has happened with Blogger because they have lost my comments of appreciation for the award, I am very happy.
I'll send the mail with my address and the three I prefer. A hug
kijjet said…
So I used to work at East West bookshop in Mountain View. They sell lots of unique cards & gifts and are very open to working with local artists. You might consider stopping by with some of your amazing work and chatting with their card buyer. :) If you haven't been there before, give yourself plenty of time because you may find it hard to leave. There are so many excellent things to look at.

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