Grand Opening Giveaway from Cara Mia Bella!!

Wings series 4 x 6 inch postcards (FSC-Certified recycled paper) 

The time has arrived...the Grand Opening of Cara Mia Bella's online shop at Etsy is this Sunday, May 1, May Day!!  I was hesitant to open because of a delay in procuring all of my product line, but I figure that something for sale is better than nothing for sale...

Butterfly 4 x 6 inch postcard (FSC-Certified recycled paper)

Its time to share my creative vision, to finally put into motion that which I have been working towards for a year.  Its hard to believe, but the month of May celebrates my one-year blogging anniversary!  I had never even read a blog before that day in May last year when my sister sat me down and told me to type.  This entire process has been liberating, causing my creative soul to soar!  I am so very grateful to have met all of you, to connect with each other across this wide world, and to share our passion for art.

Dragonfly 4 x 6 inch postcard (FSC-Certified recycled paper)

Speaking of sharing art, its time for a giveaway!!  To celebrate the beauty of May (traditionally a very fertile time to plant creative seeds), my one-year blogging anniversary, and the upcoming Grand Opening of Cara Mia Bella, I will be giving away 3 gifts to 3 wonderfully lucky friends. Three is a very magical number, and was one of the reasons I chose a name for my company with 3 words.  What will the 3 lucky ones receive?  Each of the 3 chosen friends (my sons will be pulling names from a hat) will expect to find in their mailbox.....original art ATC (Artist Trading Card),  their choice of 3 fine art postcards (choose from the 5 pictured here), and 3 special gifts from nature

Luna Moth 4 x 6 inch postcard (FSC-Certified recycled paper)

To enter to win, simply leave a comment below telling me how you found Cara Mia Bella and what inspired you to "follow" my creative journey...yes, that means it is only open to those loyal friends of either the CMB blog or CMB facebook page that have taken the time to visit my little studio in the woods and taken an interest in what I am working to achieve.  Its okay if you tell a friend who wants to jump in and befriend now...better late than never, as long as you are not that elusive Anonymous character that comes around once in a while.  I am using this to help me and my business grow into a company that values its customers and is based on integrity and good honest business practice that respects the Earth, too.  Oh, and don't forget to tell me how to contact you when you win (email or other).

Healing Water 4 x 6 inch postcard (FSC-Certified recycled paper)

The contest closes May 13, 2011 at 12:00 midnight Pacific Standard Time.  International friends are welcome to participate.  One peaceful world for all!

Creation 4 x 6 inch postcard (FSC-Certified recycled paper)
All products in the above images will be for sale at the Grand Opening on Sunday, May 1st.  Be sure to visit Cara Mia Bella's little shop in the woods over at  I look forward to hearing your insights and wish you luck!  See you at the Grand Opening!!


Denni said…
Hi Carrie,
Congratulations on opening your Etsy shop!
I made an Etsy shop in September and didn't put anything in it until March! I agree it's better to begin with something.
Your work is lovely...I didn't expect to see a giveaway today, but since I'm here enter me in too!
I found you through PPF which has turned out to be a wonderful party link. Such nice people as yourself.

Good Luck with sales and have a great day!
Denni said…
Woops...I forgot to add my email
Kim said…
Carrie, your artwork is beautiful, and whether i win or not, i'm going to stop by your shop and pick a little something up. I especially like the luna moth card!

Let's see, now to answer the give-away questions:
~I found Cara Mia Bella from chatting with you through Epiphany Star.

~What inspired me to follow your creative journey? Well, first off you are just such a sweet person, that I couldn't help but follow and second, I truly do love your artwork. :)

I wish you much success with your shop! I know you will do well!
Blessings to you!
Kim said…
I forgot my email too! LOL!
art2cee2 said…
Congrats on opening your shop and your one year anniversary. I too, haven't been blogging very long, since last August. I love your artwork and yes it inspires me to create. Good luck with your new endeavors. :-)
Tammie Lee said…
your art cards look wonderful. Congratulations on the opening of your new E. shop! Wishing you grand success.
I do believe I found you from PPF. Loved what you share immediately.

Lovely week to you~
Tammie Lee said…
PS you most likely know me from my other blog... Beauty Flows, this link is my photography blog; Spirithelpers.
La Abela said…
Hi Carrie, I wish you all the best of luck in your store.
I found you through the PPF and I come to visit you because I love your art.
My email is:
Warm greetings
Yay Carrie..congrats on all your new blessings and adventures..and may many more blessings come from your creative gifts! Oh my we are always on the same wavelength..your beautiful words about seeds! well said i agree! I ahve been seed crazed lately!

All your work is stunning and spiritual and generous of you to have a giveaway...whoever wins will be lucky!

Carrie..I can't remember how i luckily stumbled across your magical realm( I am grateful to have found you)..but we are kindred spirits in so many ways and I love your work and celebrate the beautiful spirit that shines through all that you are truly special and I feel an affinity with your art! You are marvelous! I visit you because..well.. it is simply pure joy and pure magic!

Wishing you many sparkles along your path of art and spirit!
Hugs sister
Cameron said…
What an exciting time...I wish only the best for you and your endeavors...

As for how I came to know you....I'm not was early in your blog's birth...mine being just a couple of months older...

I was instantly drawn to your art....your belief in yourself and your vision....and I was (and still am) insanely jealous of your home in the beautiful Redwoods...haha!! I think the Forest is magical, as are you

Warm regards,
Daniel Valadez said…
I really like these latest pieces.
Mary Hysong said…
All of your cards are soooo beautiful! i especially love the dragonfly and the healing water. congrats on getting your etsy shop up and going, will try and stop over there soon. i found you through PPF and love your work~
Thanks for participating!! The giveaway is now closed....I'll announce the winner soon :)

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