Finding Inspiration: A Morning Walk in the Mountains

I went for a walk in Nature.  
I was looking for something...  
I knew I would find it in the little things.  
The tiny forgotten places.  
I opened myself to the changing season 
and reawakening of the Earth.  
It was time for release and rebirth.
I went for a walk today, and this is what I learned...
Just like Nature, we travel the wheel of the year,
in and out of seasons and moons,
always evolving, always growing, always changing.

We must use our time on this earth wisely, 
and inspire others by our living example. 
Be humble like the grass.
Yet be prolific enough that our existence not be in vain.
Be open to the Light illuminating our true path, 
so that we may live our lives to our fullest potential.
Remember that we are all connected in the web of life.
Respect ourselves and others, and honor our differences.  
Everything has a purpose.
Everything has a meaning.
The importance of something may not be immediately apparent.
Meditate and reflect before reacting and responding.
Death and destruction make room for growth and creation.
Trust in balance.
Be sure to not stay stuck in the drama and suffering 
of this human experience.  Let go...
and let love stick to our hearts and minds instead.
Even life's painful moments are but seeds for new growth.
And so with each passing season, we grow and evolve.
We learn to see all of the signs in front of us, to live in balance.
As I left the woods, my heart filled with joy to know 
that I had not walked in the woods alone.
I honored the Spirit of Nature, and carried her wisdom home with me.

~photography and words by C
arrie Martinez



WrightStuff said…
I was out in nature today too. Hoping to catch sight of some baby birds, but they must all be hiding!

Took some lovely photos of floral abundance though.
Tammie said…
this is a beautiful post, both photography and words. Inspiring and so true. thank you~
Cameron said…
This was such a beautiful post...words I really need to hear right now...

I found I was holding my breath....when I realized this , I took in a deep breath...and the sights and sentiments filled me from within...

Thank you for being the wonderful you that you are :D
Beautiful pictures,Carrie! I wish everyone saw the world with your eyes.
EVA said…
What an absolutely gorgeous and inspiring walk you went on!

Nelly said…
These are the most beautiful pictures! Amazing! I love your inspirational words too.
Denni said…
I removed last post because I made a typo...
Anyway, I just love your blog and all the lush, green and brown imagery in this post.
I love being out in nature and I've always felt drawn to those gorgeous redwood trees. Maybe someday I will see them.
Your artwork is amazing...I'm putting your blog on my favorites bar.
P.S. I read cards too!

Happy Spring!
Leovi said…
Beautiful framing, great colors and texture.

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