The Sunny-ness of Life

Butterfly Painting acrylic paint on canvas 18 x 24"
Spring is so glorious of a season, even with its impermanence.  One day is sunny and warm, another day is cold and snowy, and the rain ties it all together.  
Spring teaches us patience, perseverance, and hope for the sunny-ness of life. 
May all of our gardens, both outside and within our hope-filled souls, blossom with the rebirth of a new season and the freshness of Spring!

And don't forget the fairies that are awakening 
to grace our gardens with their magic.....
Here is a fairy tea party that I created with my children.  
Two days later, it snowed.  
Ah, impermanence!

This post is a part of a great blog party I just discovered called Inspiration Avenue.  This week's creative challenge is "Hello, Spring."
Be sure to check out all of the other great Spring-time inspiration and art!
It was also inspired by my childhood friend, Shelley.


Marlene said…
What a nice post, love your tea party and your butterfly painting is gorgeous.
Magpie said…
Your butterfly is beautiful. I love what you wrote about spring, also. Spring is fleeting, it teaches us to enjoy the moment.
Diane said…
So true--I never thought of Spring that way, but we are most definitely being reminded of it this year.
Your painting is perfect!
And the tea party--what a cool Mom you are!
I love butterfiles and your painting is wonderful! Also the tea party pictures areso sweet- we used to leave messages for the faeries when my girls were small- your party really takes me back :)
priti.lisa said…
This post was like a kiss.
Annabelle said…
Mia Cara Bella...I adore fairies and another challenge ...where Oh where do I find the time to attend and create and live my regular life? I want to do so much.....haha! I will check it out. Your butterfly is perfect! I adore the colours and the way you have it sitting. Your words are beautiful and yes I agree Spring is all over the place , much like me...born in March. So glad to have visited you.....the PIP I'm working on is fairy inspired with the moon.

Annabelle >^..^<
EVA said…
What a wonderful Spring Tea you;ve presented!

I love the painting Carrie! It is so beautiful!!
Heather said…
Happy Spring. I love the beautiful butterfly - all of it...the colors, pose... and a fairy tea? my kids would love that.
Janet said…
Beautiful painting! And I love the fairy tea party....what fun.
This is such a great site! I like the way you set this up! Great content and images as well! Thanks for sharing this!...Daniel
Micah Holden said…
well said! beautiful butterfly!! thanks for the heads up, gonna go check out the challenge!
paula said…
Beautiful work!
Sure wish I was standing on that deck right along with you. What a beautiful scene.
Yay..beautiful..I missed this post! and of course love the photos..awesome! IA is fun to play..
Have a sparkling wkd ahead friend!
OOh and i love the butterfly..magnificent!

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