The Story of Cara Mia Bella

With the Grand Opening of Cara Mia Bella coming soon, I thought I'd share a little story about how I came up with the idea for my business and share my philosophy so that you can better know me and what my company stands for.....

A year ago, I was up to my ears in laundry and dirty dishes, eager to move on to something with substance that I could feel pride in, support my family with, and help me escape the un-adventurous life of the housewife.  It was then that I discovered the wonderful world of Etsy, and saw the potential to create a successful home business.  I was impressed with how the folks at Etsy worked to educate their sellers and encouraged them to combine their creativity with real business know-how. 

In the Spring of 2010, I realized that I could potentially work from home selling my art while enabling me to raise my children. I rarely used the computer and had never heard of a blog before, but with the encouragement of my sister, I started the daunting task of blogging.  The concept of unity and connection that the online community offers intrigued me, yet my confidence in putting my art and writing out there for the world to see intimidated me.  I decided to believe in myself, muster up the courage, and follow my dreams.

As I sat there one evening scribbling and brainstorming, the name, logo, company philosophy, and even product line began to reveal itself in a matter of magical moments.  It was as if a vision was revealed to me, and I knew that my path was being laid before me.  I took the idea and ran with it, beginning to educate myself on becoming a successful creative business owner.

That's me!
The name Cara Mia Bella means "my beautiful beloved" and is partly homage to my mother who has called me Cara Mia since birth. I also chose this name to reflect the spirit prevalent in nature and the beauty that surrounds us. This Spirit is the fuel for all of my artistic creations, reiterating the fact that we are, after all, soul-beings having human experiences. Cara Mia Bella reminds me to follow my true path to the "Beloved."

A reformed urban dweller, I have since reclaimed a more natural lifestyle based on the cycles of nature. My home and studio run off of solar power; I have an organic garden; I have been a vegetarian for most of my life; I can find my way around the night sky; I am more comfortable in the company of trees than in a room full of people. 

Family is the focus of much of my work. Being the mother of two sons, I hope to leave them a legacy of art and wisdom that will be timeless enough to span generations. My family is my strength, and I truly believe that family is the foundation of society. In order for our world to survive, family must be valued and preserved. I believe peace begins at home.

My art reflects these values of love, Spirit, nature, family, and peace. My greatest wish is that my work brings us closer to our own true nature, filling us with awe and respect for the Earth and each other, and that my art empowers and inspires us to walk our paths with integrity and love. I believe that we can and must follow our dreams in order to be truly happy.

With almost a year of blogging under my belt and the approach of my business's grand opening, my vision and philosophy have evolved to the point that I feel truly confident to share with the world my art and myself as an artist and entrepreneur. Perhaps my story will inspire others who are considering following their dreams.  My advice?  Live the life you love and love the life you live!


Nel said…
The blog is very good!
Cameron said…
Thank you for the background story! I found you a few months back and knew there was something special about your mission...something extraordinary about your art....and couldn't wait to see how your plans unfurled, like a beautiful flower...

I'm so happy to see the grand opening arriving very soon! ...and I appreciate the gentle nudges to celebrate the creative beings that we are :)
Right on Carrie, I am so happy to see you doing what you love and sharing your art with the world. You are an amazing mother and a wonderful friend. May this journey be full of love and happiness for all eternity.

The Witchs Garden
Thanks for visiting, Nel!
Cameron, you are my creative crafty mentor :) Your boundless energy and encouragement are so appreciated!
Marizel, you are a great friend and inspiration to me; thanks!
Wow!!Carrie!! So beautifully written and eloquent and soul touching..your words are powerful and very inspiring..your story is gorgeous and uplifting! hugs my shining friend and here's to all the magic you share! beautiful photo of you too!
Shine on!
Thank you! My creative path has not always been clear and easy, it took a lot of hard work and dedication, but I did it and now want to help inspire others who are on their own path to greatness! Each one of us can follow our dreams and live a life that makes us proud

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