Event Highlights

Wow, selling at events is pretty exhausting!  Especially when you drive 5 hours just to find out that the printer ran into some problems and most of your products will not be ready to sell.  

I made the best of it that I could, setting up a more downsized version of my booth and including another artist's artwork.  I didn't end up making back what it cost me to enter the show, but I did meet some amazing women entrepreneurs and artists.  And, although most just kind of walked by with only a glance, I did get some positive feedback and handed out business cards.  Oh, and no takers on the Giving Tree Art! 

I learned how to talk about my art, which was challenging at times.  I am an artist, I paint for the love of painting.  To put this passion into words, well, I was at a loss.  Marketing is difficult, especially when it is your art and vision that you have to sell (I'm sure lots of artists feel the same).  I am working on how to discuss my art, what is important about it, what people want to know about it.  This information will help with listing products on my online shop which will be up and running in the next few weeks.  

A big heart-felt THANKS to all who did support Cara Mia Bella!  I was super happy to see people respond positively to my work--I worked very hard and long hours to accomplish this, on top of being a full-time mom and head of household. But, no time to rest!  Its on to the next big event for Cara Mia Bella......the official Grand Opening is coming soon!!


Yay Carrie!!...congrats on such a wonderful event! Sounds like a beautiful experience and also wonderful meeting fellow artists..it is so exciting isnt it! Your photos look beautiful.amazing...everything looks fabulous..yay!!..thanks for sharing!! Wishing you much joy and success in all your creative-adventures ahead !! Shine on..you rock!
Cameron said…
I'm sorry about the printer! That stinks! :(

I did arts and crafts shows for about a year back in the beginning of my journey to be an artist...and it is sooooo challenging! It is so hard not to get a bit dissappointed when sales don't cover the entrance fee or the time and effort you spend on what you feel are great ideas, don't even get a backward glance from the public....

But, it is the connections with the other artists who are braving the same challenges and the handful of people who appreciate your vision that fill up the reservoir within us :)

That's why I'm enjoying Etsy and Artfire right now....I can sell 24 hours a day...and not have to overhear anyone say anything negative about my talent or pricing :P

I wish you every success and commend you for sticking firm to your Dreams!

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