Sometimes Art

 Art is like breathing...
sometimes we breathe out and create art, 
and sometimes we breathe in to gain inspiration 
and allow our vision to evolve and expand.  
Take a deep breath, relax, and allow the creativity to flow through. 

I understand how family and work can make us feel like we aren't creative, 
but those are very creative roles for us to fill.
To all of those creative souls out there who feel like they just aren't creating much, remember to take a deep breath and go with the flow......


Hi Carrie..Beautifully said!..powerful words and insights..I totally agree! I always feel the journey has it's own special flow..and I honor that, trust it and celebrate it!
Have a sparkling wkd ahead!
Cameron said…
Very true....and to be honest, I'd love to have the crisp air of scented pine forest fill my lungs everyday! I miss it when I return to "normal" life...haha!

Maybe, if I close my eyes, and imagine standing beneath a tall, old will lift my projects to new heights....along with my spirits :)

Thank you :D
I often read of other creatives that get down on themselves for not creating, and I used to do the same. Then I realized what creating meant and how much creating I was doing daily, even if just creating a clean house. Gaining inspiration at times can feel creative, like going to a museum and imagining using a paint stroke or color palette when observing a master's work.

Scented pine helps, too! I do love the redwoods :)

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