Finding Inspiration: Art Walk Miami

Ahh, Miami! The destination for sun, fun! Thanks to the growing reputation  of the annual Art Basel festival, the massive reconstruction of a once rundown neighborhood, and the vision to create a much-needed art scene in South Florida, the Wynwood and Design Districts have become the mecca for innovative and progressive international artists and boasts quite the social scene at its monthly Art Walk taking place every second Saturday.   Here is where I found inspiration....
One very impressive exhibit was by Federico Uribe called "Once Upon a Time" at the Now Contemporary Art Gallery featuring a forest of trees and birds made entirely of books.  This amazing Colombian artist combines art and recycling in an enviable way, this time with books, and in the past using such materials as pencils, dominoes and even garden tools.
Of course, no tour of the Wynwood District would be complete without visiting the Wynwood Walls project, an ongoing outdoor collection of murals.....
Shepard Fairey (Obey) look closely--its a giant wheat-paste collage
Shepard Fairey (Obey) wheat paste collage
Shepard Fairey (Obey)
Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo (Os Gemeos)
Ron English
Miami is my old hometown and my husband is Cuban American, so we could appreciate this next artist's perspective....


Diane said…
What a wonderful adventure--Thank You!
Cameron said…
Wow...some mind-blowing talent out there!
Carrie Martinez said…
Yes, definitely an adventure, aided by warm weather and sunshine, which is lacking in the Pacific Northwest :)....I am constantly in awe of the talent I come across, and use the inspiration to better myself everyday. Diane and Cameron, you are both two ladies that truly inspire me with your unending creativity and courage to share yourselves and your art. Wishing you continued inspiration!!
ruma said…
Awe inspiring your works!!


Saga, Japan.

paula Joerling said…
Thanks for posting these photos. I missed Art Basel this year. I LOVE the art by Federico Uribe and I am definitely going to investigate further.
Thanks, Ruma! Your blog is beautiful and inspiring as well. Continued inspiration to you!

Thank you Paula! I haven't been to Art Basel in years, but was happy to see such great artists at the regular year-round Art Walk (for those of us who miss the main event). Federico's art MUST be seen live--I highly recommend making the trip from Atlanta (not that far and worth the visit).

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