A Day at the Museum

I had the good fortune to see the Post-Impressionist Masterpieces from the Musee d'Orsay collection, featuring such artists as Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat, Paul Cezanne and many other late nineteenth century painters.  The exhibit took place at San Francisco's DeYoung Museum in the beautiful Golden Gate Park.

Van Gogh 1887
What an inspiration to see up-close the brush strokes and color layers, to feel the emotions that the artists must have felt as they poured their souls into each painting.  I couldn't take pictures at the museum, so these images are from the exhibit's book.  However, I do recommend seeing them if you are in the San Francisco area to fully capture their essence.  The exhibit runs until mid-January.

I would like to share with you some truly inspiring works of art, and then a mini collection of apples, as they were quite a popular subject to paint. Perhaps you can see their influence in my own works...
Van Gogh 1888
I was the most excited to finally see the "Starry Night" painting by Van Gogh, by far the most influential painting of my artistic style over the years.

Van Gogh 1888
Van Gogh 1888
Van Gogh 1888

Some other paintings at the museum that I found inspiring.... 

Maurice Denis 1893

Paul Gauguin 1891
Gauguin 1892
Emile Bernard 1888
Bernard 1888
Gauguin 1894
Henri Rousseau 1907
Gauguin 1888
Maurice Denis 1892
Felix Vallotton 1897
Emile Bernard 1887
Toulouse-Lautrec 1889
Edgar Degas 1890
Finally, I found it fascinating that the apple was such a popular subject to paint.  Since I use my apple painting as the trademark for my company, I thought I'd share some images of the many apples seen at the exhibit...
Paul Cezanne 1880
Cezanne 1880
Paul Serusier 1891
Gauguin 1889
Gauguin 1889
Cezanne 1890
Gauguin 1886
Cezanne 1890
 Such inspiration!  I actually started dreaming of painting and look forward to bringing this inspiration into my works.  The Drawing Table returns shortly with some big plans for the coming year, so please check back for more art and inspiration.


faerwillow said…
~oh look at this here wee little starring out into the big wide world! what a great moment you captured!!! so beautiful each piece here...starry night was the very first print i bought when i first moved out on my own!!! i can't wait to see what you have to share with us...i know it will be something wonderful....thank you so for taking the time the other day to leave your words...i appreciate them greatly...i hope this finds you well and enjoying the magic and wonders of the season...much l♥ve light and holiday blessings to you and yours~
My city of Nashville also has a wonderful exhibit from D'Orsay. Manets, Renoirs, Monets... all beautiful. Thank you for posting so many images from yours.

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