The Drawing Table: Botanical Drawings for Tarot Cards

Welcome back to the Drawing Table!  

As you can see, I changed the design of my blog.  I hope you enjoy this new look.  I'm proud to say I put it together myself, working into the wee hours after the little ones were sleeping.  

Monday brings the latest art seen on the Drawing Table...


I would like to share with you an ongoing project I've been working on:  a series of botanical drawings that will be made into the "Magical Plants Tarot and Guidance Deck.  I started drawing these images years ago, actually, while I was studying the medicinal properties of plants. 

This past spring, I once again began adding to my plant collection, and presented the idea to make an educational deck of cards that would teach the medicinal value of herbs and flowers.  

A friend of mine, Marizel Almirall, suggested making it into a tarot deck, so we decided to add the magical properties of plants.  Marizel is an amazing psychic and healer with years of experience with both plants and tarot, and together we will be gathering information to include on the magical and  medicinal properties of the plants.  She is the founder and owner of The Witch's Garden, a charming spiritual supply shop in the heart of Miami, FL.  Together with her husband, Marizel balances family, business, community, and spirituality with beauty, grace and wisdom.  I am inspired by and honored to work with this truly gifted woman, and  I highly recommend visiting her website at or stopping by if you are ever in South Florida (see bottom for links).

All drawings are sketched with pencil and then traced over with Micron graphic pens using a very thin point (.005-.01).


I was inspired by vintage plant and flower images that are simple and accurate for identification purposes.

from top right: nettles, alfalfa, wild oat, chamomile

I started playing with a circular format, creating a central space for names and information.


I really like the way these roots look, so I will be including them in most of the drawings.

This is sure to be a beautiful deck of cards for children and adults. I've even considered adding trees to the deck, which I consider to be the most magical plants of all (I live in the redwood forest, after all!).  These images will also be made into Greeting Cards and Card Sets.

See you next Monday for the latest from the Drawing Table, including a story about a lovely gift I received from an amazing blogger who balances family, art and spirit in a most inspiring way.  Enjoy the plant world this week and all the delightful changes Autumn brings!


The Witch's Garden   "Mystically Handcrafted Gifts For The Soul"
1275 w 47th place #432 in Hialeah within The Colorful Celis Art Building 

or visit The Witch's Garden on Facebook 


faerwillow said…
~good morning my friend!!! wonderful job with redesigning your website...and these drawing..each so beautiful...the principle and thought behind each and knowing what you are working towards excites me...i reaaly do l♥ve the idea of you creating a tarot deck and know you can do it!!! the circular format is unique and catching to the eye...keep creatitng...tis a beautiful gift and blessing you behold...warm wishes and brightest blessings~
Cara Mia Bella said…
thank you faerwillow! as you can see, i alluded to your gift and will be posting on monday with links to you and your blog. thanks for all the encouragement and kind words, and same to you!!
Kim Henkel said…
I LOVE your botanical drawings - they are breathtaking - they make me want to work on my plant drawings again. I too love plants of all kinds, and your drawings show there intricate beauty.

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