The Drawing Table: Western Screech Owl

Welcome back to the Drawing Table!   I have finished my "Western Screech Owl" painting, and would like to show you some of my creative process.

In my post on July 24th (, I shared the story of this painting, and how I was dissatisfied with the background.  After it was returned to me, I worked on the transformation first by carefully painting the background. 


Then I added some branches, sketching them with a watercolor pencil so the lines could be erased.  

After careful consideration and a few paintovers, I decided to brighten up the background with this blood red border surrounding an amber background.  Here is the finished painting:

This entire painting is done with acrylic paint on 12 x 16" canvas board.


A closer look reveals the texture of the painting.

I do love owls! Maybe I'll paint more of them...

The owl is to be made into small and large sized prints and greeting cards.   I am thinking about expanding the series to include more birds, bees, and bugs, and  maybe put them in an alphabet book or card set...all things are possible at Cara Mia Bella!

Thanks for visiting my studio!  See you soon for more paintings and inspiration!


Cameron said…
It turned out Lovely! Really makes the owl pop against the background now :)
faerwillow said…
~owls are my favorite so this finshed piece speeks to my soul...truly magical are your are you cards coming along...i am one anxious one for them to be done! i also still need your mailing address so i can get your gift you won on my blog off to you...wishing you well and blessings always upon you and yours~
faerwillow said…
~good morning...i hope this finds you well! just wanted to let you know i mailed your little gift should arrive very soon...i do hope you enjoy and thank you so for being apart of my well and blessings upon you and yours always~
Kim Henkel said…
I love the changes you made to the owl image - yes it turned out lovely!

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