Welcome to My Studio!

I would like to give you a tour of my new studio!  

Cara Mia Bella has now moved into the "star" room of the house.  My always supportive soulmate offered to give up the living room so that I could have sufficient space to create. Whereas before I was confined to a cozy corner of my bedroom, now I have a whole room with a view! 


The Living Room before...

  and after!!!

 The room has ample light, inspiring views, and space to get creative. 

I included an area to enjoy the view and do some stargazing at night.

Don't you love these antique chairs from a church in Germany?  

Of course, a library corner with a browsing stool for the bookworm in me.


  The universe has given me the green light for miles.  I am truly humbled and inspired by this space.   I am grateful for the opportunity to expand my art and my vision.  I look forward to sharing with you my art inspired by the magic of this environment.

 Join me again Monday when the Drawing Table returns with more art from the new studio.  Until then, I wish you all the best in all you do!


Diane said…
Oh this is beautiful--a real haven to create in--I love all that natural light coming in!
Cameron said…
That room is gorgeous! That window and those views are sure to keep the creative juices flowing!!!

Can't wait to see what pours from you there :)
You are a lucky girl! My art 'stuff' currently lives on the pool table in our lower level. I would love a studio with big windows!
Cara Mia Bella said…
Thanks! I feel like I'm living in a dream every time I sit down to work. I almost have to focus more so I don't get lost staring at the view :)!

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