The Drawing Table: Luna Moth

Welcome to my studio! As is the plan, here is our regularly scheduled Monday update from the Drawing Table... 

I was able to put in some studio time this past weekend and finish up my fourth painting to be included in the "Wings" series.  This painting is of the Luna Moth, which is native to the Eastern United States, where I lived most of my life.  I chose this unique moth because of its vibrant green color and peculiar markings.  As a member of the Giant Silkmoth family (it can have a wingspan of  up to 4 1/2 inches), this beauty surely deserved to be captured on canvas!   I used acrylic paint on an 18 x 24" canvas.  

At first, the background had one large fern leaf, but I painted over that to put the moon and grass leaves (I painted the grass taller than the moth, too, which isn't pictured here).  I had to switch the color of the border from yellow to a more orangey color.I also added shading around the edges to give it that softness similar to the style of the butterfly painting.

 The moth, butterfly, dragonfly, and owl paintings will be a part of a series of "Biophilia" art prints, canvas giclee prints, and greeting cards.  This week, I will be scanning the paintings and preparing the digital files for the printer.  I can't wait to see the finished prints!  

Be sure to check in next Monday to see the latest from the Drawing Table, including a deeply personal painting in the works that is a bit different from my latest works (can you spot it behind the moth in the first picture?).


Diane said…
Stunning!! (and yes, I can see that other beautiful painting in the first photo)
Jeanne Nelson said…
Gorgeous painting, and such realistic details on the moth. These are true beauties ... that I had the pleasure of having hang around my front door one day several years ago. Its size and "eyes" totally amazed me. Can't wait to see your next project! I see a peek of it, and it's looking great!
Cameron said…
Beautiful painting! I'm so excited to have found you here in Blogland (via Diane Ackers Blog) and am truly inspired by your drive to bring your art, message and creativity to the World!

I read your entire post history and look forward to more!
Cara Mia Bella said…
To receive such wonderful comments from some of my favorite blogger/artists is truly special to me!
Jeanne - how lucky for you to also see this majestic beauty in nature! Unforgettable for sure!

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