The Drawing Table: Time for Change


My Grandmother was a painter who had a thing for owls. 

Perhaps that is why I have always had an affinity for them myself.  So, I was devastated one October evening five years ago when a Western Screech Owl slammed into my windshield and died.  I buried it respectfully and painted this acrylic painting.

However, recently I have become rather dissatisfied with the background (it's an artist thing).   I had put so much time and focus into the owl, but lazily laid the background.   To me they just don't mesh.   I am considering a more realistic background to match the style of the main image.

What do you think?  Am I simply another perfectionist artist who is having a difficult time letting her work go?  Or should I go for more congruity between focal image and background?  Because in order to pull this off,  I need to retrieve the painting from a private collection and undo the custom framing job.  Okay, the collector is my father who also is the framer--a convenient arrangement indeed.
I think it's time for a change...  

Stay tuned for the re-release of the Owl Masterpiece!


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