The Drawing Table: July '10

Summertime usually means vacation, but not for the Drawing Table!  Things have been quite busy lately.  Here's a look at some of my latest creations...

 The return of the large paintings continues with this lovely butterfly that fluttered into my imagination.  I have been experimenting with this new painting style and color palette, and have another butterfly almost completed.  They will be made into prints and greeting card sets.

 Then, there is the ongoing saga of the alphabet cards.  Some cute new characters have appeared, as well as touchups for some of the established images.  

Finally, we come to The Magickal Plants card deck,  which has been evolving as well. 
I have decided to change the design to be circular, with information presented in the center and back of the cards.  Also, the deck will include magickal properties of trees.  These cards will be part of a Tarot/Guidance deck for older children and adults.

Well, its back to work for me.  I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful summer weather,  and be sure to stop by soon for more images from the Drawing Table.


faerwillow said…
~oh gosh i will be first in line for your "Tarot/Guidance deck" such simple organically beautiful is this drawing i can only imagine what the others will look please keep us posted! i have worked with my oldest using my tarot set and he has found it quite intriguing and fun!

i am ever so delighted you stumbled upon my blog and look forward to the road ahead! sorry i did not get back over here after i did my post reguarding your "luck" or shall we say "serendipity"...yesterday was pretty hectic and well time went by the wayside...

173 is my birthdate January of '73...pure magic indeed and something that was meant to be! if you could ever so kindly send me your mailing address to

i shall get your gift of to you here this week! also only because i just came across this problem...i can not respond to you via replying back from the comment you left on my blog....i figured out when one does not have an email linked to their blog well the comment is left for no reply...and goes into the unknown! i don't know if you were aware of that or not and or ever wondered why you may not have received replies from fellow bloggers as i have for almost a year...and JUST NOW figured it out ; ) when i started my blog i opened a email account just for my blog...anywho...sorry for the ramble...i wish you well and much l♥ve and light upon you and yours~

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