More from The Drawing Table: June '10

The Drawing Table has been a busy place lately! 

Here are some images that have been spotted recently. They are all part of the "On the Farm" Alphabet Card Deck and Memory Game. I have been working overtime to finish all images by August.  Then, I will be sitting down with a designer to work on layout and prepare for printing.  
It's back to work for me.  Enjoy!!



WrightStuff said…
So glad I stopped by (on the blog hop from The Queen of Creativity!). Your art has such energy, can't wait to see more.
Janet said…
Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs....I really like the cards you have here, and what a fun idea to do an "On the Farm" series.
Hi Carrie,
So nice to meet you! What a fabulous idea with the blog hop! I'm so happy I came to visit - I LOVE your work!
Hugs, Sanda xoxo

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