The Drawing Table: June '10

Summer is almost here, and that means sunny days in the garden.  In the spirit of my favorite season, here's the latest from The Drawing Table...

When I was young, I couldn't be found without a pencil and paper.  In fact, my earliest art was pretty much entirely sketches, drawings and doodles done entirely in shades of black, gray and white.  

To return to my "roots", so to speak, I started this series of botanical images.  These simple designs are inspired by vintage plant  sketches and herbal books, as well as my deep affinity for gardening and plants.

While you are exploring your own natural space, don't forget to look down.  Many of the most beautiful wildflowers are no bigger than a ladybug!  Don't miss the amazing beauty that the earth provides if we know where to look (that goes for all you cityfolk as well--nature is alive and well in the concrete jungle!). 


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