Inspiration and Photography

Nature inspires me.  I could truly get lost in line, light, shadow, color, and form.

To see a being, object or space in an objective way is similar to meditation and the act of releasing all judgment to just see the world as it is, its simple essence, the basis of life.

People are such  fascinating subjects to  draw,  paint, or photograph. When I became a mother, I knew I needed to capture those fleeting moments of awe in the face of life's most precious miracle.

This feeling of awe is what I feel in nature. I try to create, through my art, this same reverence for the miracle of life, of who we are as humans right now at this point in time of our evolution.

My greatest wish would be that my artistic expression afford another that same feeling of awe, inspiration and joy, and that we remember our interconnection to nature and each other.


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