The Drawing Table: May '10

Here's the latest news from the drawing table...

I have been working on the Farm Images for the Alphabet Cards deck.  All paintings are acrylic, and the backside will have a simple old-fashioned typewriter font.

These fun, vibrant images are different than most alphabet decks that are on the market in that they use real paintings versus computer or digital graphics.  Twelve of the images will be selected for a memory game with the same "On the Farm" theme.

Once the images are finished, then its on to the designer who will put everything in its place.  In the meantime, enjoy and stay tuned for more images from The Drawing Table.


Diane said…
Hi Carrie, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and being my 300th follower!! And welcome to blogging--it's a very creative place. Your art is amazing--I love the vibrant colors that you use--looking forward to more! I'll be following.

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