Finding Inspiration: Historic Bethlehem

A wintry stroll around the historic town of Bethlehem Pennsylvania with my father found us wandering amongst grand old mansions and charming cemeteries.  Walk with me...

Old iron fences nestled between the stone buildings of one of the oldest colleges in the country, Moravian College.
I love the colors and windows of this historic beauty!

Such a common sight is the old brick home in Pennsylvania.
Can you imagine a porch like this off of your bedroom?
The neighborhood surrounds the Niskhy Hill Cemetery, where as a teen I would hide from the world and savor solitude.
Fabulous tombstones and crosses abound.

This has got to be one of the most eerily unique headstones I've ever seen...
Tombstones tell such a story of the lives of people...enchanting!
We ventured on to explore the grounds of Moravian College.
This is one of the oldest colleges in the country...such marvelous stone walls!

There is rarely an iron gate that I can pass by without admiring the workmanship.

And finally, what stroll would be complete without a meander through an old bookstore...this one dates to 1748, making it one of the oldest. 
Thank you for visiting!
...Wishing you all an inspired day...


Victoria said…
Mesmerizing images..awesome! How I love those amazing iron gates and fences bewildering and beautiful! Love that old bookshop...and old graves...very cool!
Thanks for sharing such a magical adventure!

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