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Maybe it has to do with being a Capricorn, but I love to organize!  I feel like I am constantly cleaning up after everyone and desperately re-organizing to find that magic formula...with a house full of males I've seen my share of dirt and disorganization.  But now that my two little boys are growing more independent, I decided to take on the daunting task of Home Organization Overhaul.  Over 1 month was spent putting everything in its most efficient place and creating an atmosphere that is easy enough for kids and husband to maintain.  Things are flowing much more smoothly!

Also, I have been focusing on the mantra "If you build it, they will come" for my business to become more successful.  I realized that I wasn't ready to take on the amount of orders I felt qualified me as being "successful."  I needed to prepare the foundation for success in order to be ready for success.  So, I searched my fellow Etsy Sellers for any organization system to help and came across Clean Mama Printables.  In my opinion, Clean Mama has the best design, simple and easy to use for visually oriented organizers like myself.  I ordered the Work-at-Home Kit, which arrived in my In-Box promptly and with excellent communication with the seller Becky.  It has everything needed to organize the home biz including a Profit and Loss Sheet, Product and Supply Inventory Lists, and a Time Manager.

Clean Mama Printables Work at Home Kit
Clean Mama Printables Work at Home Kit
Then I checked out her website and found a wellspring of organizing and cleaning tips, ideas and links, including a Blog Party where bloggers share their organization pix and ideas...I'm in heaven! Visit here and get inspired to organize:

You'll find lists for everything, lists you didn't even know you needed, lists to get organized and stay organized.  Here are my favorites...

...Cara Mia Bella's Online Organization Resources...

+ Visit Clean Mama Printables to find everything for Organizing  Home, Family, Business, and more ...

+ Also, visit the Clean Mama Website for loads of organization inspiration:

+ Be sure to check out this fabulous selection of Free Downloadable Organizing and Cleaning Charts:

+ There's also a long list of lists over at Life Your Way:

+ Another great resource is Organizing Homelife:

Quick Clean Ups List by Clean Mama
Cleaning Checklists by Life Your Way
It feels so good to live organized!
Wishing you much success and inspiration in your own organizing endeavors!

...carrie wm...


Jess said…
Oh yes, that's me alright. ;) I too am a capricorn and have a need to organise! It looks as though you're very busy and all set for your business to take off. Wishing you much success!xx

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