Manifesting Success: Getting Organized

This week I put aside the painting and completely organized my studio/office so that even my Kindergartener could manage the business in my absence. Organization is the key to a successful business. and when you run your business from home, most likely you will have to share your space with the rest of the house.

The main hub of my business is this rather ugly but functional shelf, which serves as inventory and supply storage.  To give it more style appeal, I used my antique drawer collection for storage, making sure everything has its place and is easy to access according to its use.

I attached the labels to the same spot on each drawer for uniformity.  If you are more tech savvy than I, print your labels with a fancy font for a professional look.

These drawers are also used as displays in my booth at summer markets, so they serve two purposes, but are always useful.  When your studio or office is small, it is wise to consolidate and simplify to save space (and sanity!).

Moving down the shelf, I placed my inventory bins.  I use plastic bins to protect my goods, labeling each bin with its contents.

Before, I would group the same design in one bin, with all the notecards, postcards, and prints together.  This made for heavy bins that weren't easy to access.  I changed this method by now using a separate bin for each design of notecard because they are my top seller and need to be accessed regularly.  Lighter bins mean easier access.

The heavier bins are on the lower shelves because these items aren't as popular and don't need to be accessed as readily.

Hooks on the side hold tools.

Because this shelf is open (and visible from the kitchen), I tried to make it more decorative by using pretty baskets and decorative antique tins to store arts and crafts supplies.

Every artist and crafter has a hodge-podge of materials, scraps, media, and mayhem that can be difficult to organize.

Keeping your supplies in clearly defined spaces that are easy to access and quick to utilize makes your creative time more efficient, which means you'll be making more art and spending less time searching around for materials.

Voila!  A full day of organizing and my studio/office is efficient, inspiring, and ready for business! I actually ended up organizing my entire home because I was taking bins and baskets from other rooms and changing things around quite a bit.  I should have taken pictures of the complete disarray my house was in for a few days.  There is a process to get to organization that usually involves chaos!

Now that my studio and business are efficient and organized, I am ready to manifest success!

What is your favorite organization method for manifesting success?


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Lisa D. said…
Looks great! I was just organizing my art room yesterday. My room is in the center of the house, so everyone gets to see my messiness!

Have a great weekend
Bird said…
Oh my gosh, it's wonderful. You've taken organizing to such a beautiful level. You're hired. When can you come over and start on my room?

Samantha said…
That inspires me to "clean up my act" a bit! My art space is also called our living room, so...! Love how used the antique drawers. Thanks!
brandi said…
~congrats to you for making and creating an organized space for your business side of the really is a valuable key to being more productive!!! i have organized and reorganized and you know what i have been doing for the last few weeks...more organizing!!! i feel like it will never end...hehehe...much love light and blessings~
Gloria said…
Thanks for the inspiration. Today I will be at my studio semi-organizing. tee hee. I like what you did, very efficient. Thanks for sharing.
Victoria said… fabulous..spectacular job looks phenomenal! I love everything you shared!! Shine on!You are sooo awesome!!

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