The Gift

It all started over a month ago when I stumbled upon a most wonderful blog called Serendipity.  I was immediately drawn to the blog's design and poetic feel. Faerwillow's photos have a misty, dreamy feel and the whole space feels, well, magical.  I clicked the "follow" button and did a little more browsing that night.

A day or two later, I went back to Faerwillow's site to look around some more, and started to read her latest post (  The subject turned to the number 3 and how it has continually played a part in her life.  I smiled to myself as I realized how important the number 3 has been for me as well, and its mystical energy has been determinate of things like my wedding day (just like Miss Faerwillow).  I grew more excited when she said that she decided to hold a giveaway to celebrate her 333 post by giving a gift to the 3rd person to follow her site that day.  I saw the name Carrie (could it be me??) and that now the number of followers of her blog turned to 173 (which happens to be the numbers of my birthday!).  I was the winner of a blog giveaway that I didn't even enter!!  How very magical is that!

A beautiful gift indeed arrived in the mail!  I quickly opened it to find a Guardian Faery beckoning me forward.  My heart filled with joy to realize that there are truly kind and generous people in the world.  I fell in love with her choice of packaging, which contained one of her very own creations:  a Calming Chain, which is exactly what this busy mom needs!  The color choice of stones, the whimsical wiring, and all the beautiful touches that went into this most thoughtful gift, were perfect.  I took the chain for a walk outside and realized that the colors matched some leaves and the earth that reflected the setting sun and I knew that Nature is the best way to calm.   This beautiful gift was a reflection of the Earth and its readily-available calming energies.

Faerwillow shared some advice with me:  in order to accomplish more, wake up early before the children and daily life begin and work in the peace of the rising sun.  This way, I carry my accomplishments throughout the day.

Faerwillow truly is a superwoman, a homeschooling mom, an artist expressing herself via numerous avenues, and a blogger who awes me at an astounding 375 posts and counting just for this year!  Yet she still has time to leave kind words and support to others.  Her blog is eye and soul candy, and I recommend visiting her for yourself. 

Today and everyday, soak up inspiration like the first rays of the sun, and then shine your light for the world to see!


Diane said…
What a very thoughtful and caring blog post and gift--Thank You!
faerwillow said…
~what a very beautiful surprise to see this have filled my spirit with such l♥ve this morning with the words you have written here and all you shared...i am honored and touched deeply by such...i hope that you will continue to recieve blessings adn a gently guidance from your guardian faerie and calmness from your life things do happen for a reason and i am thankful you happen to stumble upon me that day...much l♥ve and light upon you always and thank you once more~

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