In the Presence of Genius

Where does a woman go when she has two days alone?  Wine country, of course!

A favorite for me is the Coppola Winery.  Actually, Francis Ford Coppola has two wineries in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys of California.  His newest in Sonoma is a great stopping point on the way to San Francisco from my home.  Both of his wineries are elegant, classic, old-world style with a movie memorabilia museum mixed with an impressive collection of wines.  Plus, he honors families by including two swimming pools in his construction plans at the Sonoma location (completion will be in a couple of months).  I highly recommend visiting either location for some tremendous photo opportunities as well as that old Italian ambience.

 I found myself relaxing at the Coppola Winery in Sonoma Valley enjoying some music and wine, when who should come and sit next to me but Francis Ford Coppola. 

I tried to ignore how excited I was to meet a man whose work I so admire as we talked about his wineries and impressive movie museum collection. 

I was so inspired by this man's genius that I came to a business epiphany:  I too must own a winery!  Cara Mia Bella Winery could have a promising future!  

As I drove through the sunset drenched vineyards toward home, I knew that the next time I meet Mr. Coppola or any other person whom I admire, I will be handing him my "Cara Mia Bella" business card and promoting my own business.  

The potential for Cara Mia Bella became limitless in that moment as I imagined painting amongst the grapes of my vineyard, watching the people enjoying wine and art in the beautiful California countryside. 

I carry this entrepreneurial passion with me as I submit my business licensing forms this week and make my business a reality!  Cheers!


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